Zoskes Hose Reels


  1. Heavy Duty Frame
  2. Tandem Axle with optional flotation tires
  3. Hydraulic pivoting hitch swings the cart outside the tractor duals allowing the operator to roll hose from the front using the level wind
  4. Single direct drive 2 speed hydraulic motor with a Slewing Ring eliminating the need for chains and gear boxes
  5. Capable of operating the entire cart off one tractor hydraulic remote or the Power Beyond
  6. Lay hose out at speeds up to 10 MPH with the spool under power
  7. No need for second man to drive on hose with Utility Vehicle while laying hose out
  8. 36″ x 16″ x 14″ toolbox on driver side fender
  9. 4 LED work lights off the back of the cart
  10. 2 360 degree strobe lights mounted at the top of the light posts for additional warning during road travel and safety
  11. Rear receiver and trailer electrical plug for towing another piece of equipment






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