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Emptying the Tank

You can either empty the tank via impeller or pressure.  The pressure method uses the vacuum pump.  The diverter lever is used to direct the air from outside into the tank to build up pressure. Then, when you open the rear valve, the pressure forces the liquid out of the tank. The alternative is to mount a hydraulically operated impeller that will sling the effluent out of the tank.


There are several advantages to using an impeller system over a pressure system…

  1. Saves wear and tear on the vacuum pump
  2. Provides for a faster, more consistent discarge
  3. Enables the use a flow control system

You also have two methods of applying the liquid

  1. Spraying the manure on top

    This involves using a spray deflector and just spreading the manure in an arching pattern on top of the soil.

  2. Injecting the manure

    This is the recommended method. You use an injector to apply the manure underground. This has many advantages such as reducing smell, and utilizing nitrogen better.vac_tanks_injecting-pics

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