Trash Trap

Basic Premise:

Provides filtration for effluent movement.


  • Comes standard with 6″ male and female hose ends
  • Capacity of 4,000 gallons per minute
  • Has a 10″ opening ot clean out trash, quickly accessible via a 10″ band clamp.
  • Filtering screen will catch debris as small as 1 3/4″ diameter, thus catching almost all trash passing through. (ex. Pop cans, latex gloves, semen tubes, chunks of wood, rocks, bones, carcass, tin, etc)
  • Optional 2″ poly 1/4 turn ball valve with poly male and female cam lock fittings allow for a drain hose that will drain the trash trap of all liquid so that you can then easily clean out the trash trap or replace the filter
  • Optional 6″ 90 degree elbow with male and female ball fittings
  • Optional second screen so screens can be interchanged in a matter of minutes for continuous pumping
    Or, the units can be combined to allow cleaning of one filter while pumping through the other.



Trash trap being used with a boom tank and on a load stand.

Testimonials of user:

“I have pumped 15 million gallons through the trash trap and have never plugged an applicator hose. It ended downtime caused by plugged hoses on the applicator. It also helps aid in even application of manure, ending skipped strips that were caused.”


Trash Trap being used with a boom tank via a funnel on on the trash trap.



Trash Trap without any couplers

trashtrap_dissasembled-cap-end trashtrap_partial-dissasembled-toptrashtrap_no-couplertrashtrap_partial-dissasembled

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