Dietrich Series 70 Injectors



Dietrich Series 70

  • Designed for Minimum Soil Disturbance at higher speeds.
  • Sweep bolts to 1-1/4″ x 2″ edge bent alloy shank
  • 1/2″ thick sweep shank combined with 55 degree swept back wings results in minimum soil disturbance and allows shallow placement of nutrients.
  • Provides for maximum nutrient uptake in aerobic zone
  • New Heavier Colter Spring
  • Convenient- no tools required- snap pin adjustable colters


  • Attaches to 4″ x 6″ tool bar
  • Auto reset with 1400# reset force
  • 1-1/4″ x 2″ edge bent 5160 Alloy Steel Shank
  • Cast Steel Sweep
  • Hi Chrome Cast Tip
  • Hard surfaced sweeps
  • 3″ outer diameter slurry tube
  • Seperately replaceable sweeps and tubes
  • 22 1/2 inch heavy duty spring colter slices through heavy residue
  • 3 sweep options
    • 8″ Standard sweeps
    • 8″ Hi Rate Sweeps
    • 12″ Hi Rate Sweeps

Features and Advantages

Snap Pin Adjust colter.
No set screws.
Easy- no tools required adjustment.
No set screws rested and broken off.
No shafts sliding down.
22-1/2″ diameter colter – not 20″ New heavier spring maintains colter depth to prevent residue hair pinning.
Larger 22-1/2″ diameter blade provides better cutting action through tough GMO residue than 20 inch.
Auto reset – not spring bundle Provides 8″ trip clearance and much more resistance to floating. 1400# trip pressure.
1-1/4″ x2 edge bent shanks- not 1×2 flat shank. 250% stronger than 1×2 flat.
1×2 flat shank does not maintain constant sweep angle due to deflection in variable soil conditions.
The sweep shank is narrow (1/2″)
The sweeps lift the soil in less than 1″
This allows shallow operation resulting in fuel savings. Most tillage apparatus will require 100% less horsepower when operated 50% deeper.
High Carbon, special bar quality,
cast steel sweep with front
Hi Crome Casting and heavy abrasion
resistance hard surfacing on the wings
Less breakage.
Longer wear
Lower cost per acre.
Tube Pivot Prevents hose damage.
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