Magnum Plow Injector



guage-wheelsThe shear bolt Magnum Plow Sweep Injector is designed to operate at 4-6” depths with minimum soil disturbance. This 12” wide sweep creates a cavity to displace the manure along with its nutrients. This allows the crops roots to draw the necessary plant nutrients during its life cycle. An independent study concluded the Magnum Plow injector increased the crop (corn and soybean) yields in excess of ten percent over other styles of injectors. This yield increase alone will pay for the Magnum Plow injector in no time at all.



  • Minimum soil/residue disturbance
  • Sturdy, wide shanks evenly spread the slurry out
  • Avoids uneven concentration
  • Handles the stress of commercial injection
  • Rugged “dog-leg” design handles tougher conditions
    with more trash clearance
  • Available for all Balzer vacuum and slurry tanks
  • Horsepower requirements vary with soil conditions and
    injection depth
  • Experience reflects that 10-12 additional horsepower per shank is necessary

Heavy Equipment includes:

  • Rugged 1 1/4″ thick Shanks with shear bolt protection
  • 12″ sweep utilizes heavy duty point to lead sweep into soil.
  • Rugged 6″ x 6″ tool bar. 7″ x 7″ tool bar on folding models
  • 3″ discharge reinforced plastic discharge hose.
  • Hydraulic lift cylinders with hydraulic hoses to tractor
  • Adjustable heavy-duty gauge wheels and tires
  • Hydraulic Block with simple thumbwheel adjustment of hydraulic
    down pressure (0 to 2000 psi range)
  • Stainless steel manifold

Magnum Options

  • 20″ Rolling coulter
  • Hard Surfaced “Cryptonite” sweeps
  • Cover disk assemblies
  • Toggle Trip Reset Assemblies for shanks
    (designed for those tough or rocky soil conditions
  • Folding tool bars (up to eight shanks)
  • Box Out or offset shank designs
    (to allow for maximum trash clearance)
  • Also available in pull hitch type

Other Available Injectors:

  • No-Till Injector
  • Chisel Spikes
  • Double-Disc incorporator
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