Balzer Lagoon Pumps

Balzer 48' Lagoon Pump 1Balzer 48' Lagoon Pump 2


Standard Features:

The pump is available in: 33′, 38′, 43′, 48′ and 58′ lengths
The pump is run via either a 540 or 1000 rpm pto

Horsepower requirements:

540 RPM: 100 HP
1000 RMP: 140 HP


Heavy duty impellers which are dynamically balanced. Impeller blades are 1/2″ thick, assuring long life.
Saw tooth intake aids in shredding chunks as they enter the pump. Heavy 3/8″ cover plate protects impeller mechanism.
Beater impeller breaks up solids and aids in agitation.
Skid plate prevents bottoming out impeller housing.

Lagoon Pump Impeller


Upper and lower drive lines are 1 3/4″ steel with self-aligning bearings.
Lower bearing housing is grease packed and utilizes Balzer’s triple seal system.
Durable magnum drive shaft is 4″ outer diameter with heavy duty bearings and u-joints every 10′ to eliminate shaft vibration for smoother, more efficient operation

Lagoon Pump Construction


Pump raises or lowers hydraulically from tractor with a 96″ maximum lift via the trailer legs. These legs also act as stabilizers when pump is in operation.lagoon pump hydraulic wheels 

An optional wall walker undercarriage that utilizes telescoping legs is available.
lagoon pump telescoping legs

Agitation Gun

Agitation nozzle rotates 325 degrees to allow maximum control for complete pit agitation. Vertical movement is 70 degrees. Both vertical and horizontal functions are controlled hydraulically. The agitation nozzle has straightening vanes internally to keep agitation discharge in a tight pattern. Agitation nozzles come standard with 4″ and 3″ discharge openings and have quick couplings. Agitation flexible hose is 6″ reinforced.
lagoon pump agitation gun

Raised Agitation Guns

Designed especially for crusty lagoons such as dairy operations. The agitation nozzle is near the surface of the lagoon so that the agitation stream can be directed at the top crust to break it up efficiently.

Bottom Agitation Guns

This model is especially effective for use in lagoons with heavy bottom solids, which are common in swine operations. The gun is located near the bottom of the lagoon so that the agitation stream can be directed at the bottom solids to break them up and homogenize them into the lagoon slurry. This allows the lagoon to be managed more effectively and eliminates diminishing lagoon capacity due to bottom sludge build up.

Internal flapper valve is hydraulically controlled. You can change from agitation to load under full power (38′, 48′ and 58′ only) with no problem.

A 6″ diameter discharge pipe connects to a remote load stand or transfer line

The hydraulic controls for the agitation nozzle control and load valve are standard. This valve bank can be operated from the lagoon pump or the tractor cab.

lagoon pump hydraulic controls

Remote Control for Load out

This option allows you to control agitate and load functions from as far away as 75′. Eliminates climbing in and out of the tractor and provides precision control of tank loading.
lagoon pump remote control

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