Nuhn Vacuum Tank




Nuhn Vacuum Air System

  • Nuhn air system combines muffler, air cleaner, oil catch, automatic air reverse and exhaust under tank, away from operator
  • Balanced air traps for fast pumping
  • The number or size of the pump does not matter if the air system is not balanced or if there are any restrictions in air flow
  • Vacuum pressure gauge
  • Vacuum pump is portected by a two stage trap systemTank
  • 1/4″ tank
  • Unibody construction, solid welds inside and out
  • Full circle, tensioned baffles
  • Circular shaped tank keeps center of gravity low as opposed to a mushroom shaped tank with the center of gravity very high
  • Large, 5″ bubble type sight gauge on tank
  • Extra inlet ports at front and rear of tandem models
  • Full light kit
  • Lights are to the outside of the tires and are designed to break away if they hit something
  • Large 20″ Rear Door
  • Nuhn tanks are sandblasted to bare metal, removing the mill scale
  • Sandblasting is far superior to a chemical washFrame
  • 1/4″ Solid construction frame
  • Full cross members
  • Nuhn full cross members create a cradle for the tank, and bridge the tank and the two side frame pieces together. Other systems with just the two rails and no cross members have no structural integrity between the two rails.
  • Extra support where tandem joins frame8’6″ Tongue
  • Long tongue creates better handling, stability, better visibility
  • Available with either a clevis or pintle hitch
  • 7000lbs jackTandem
  • Solid alloy spindles
  • Nuhn spindles are welded directly into the main beam, eliminating weak points. Most tanks in the industry have its spindles mounted with a series of several parts on the end of the beam.
  • Heaviest axle in the industry
  • Large diamond tread tires
  • Optional Radial tires available
  • Most spreaders in the indusrty are approximately 13’ wide compared to the Nuhn tank which is 11’11” wide. This narrower track gives stability and at the same time, matches the road width and tractor width. This makes the Nuhn Magnum better for traveling on the road.
  • Grease bank on side of frame to allow greasing the internal parts of the undercarriage easilyOptional Brakes
  • Hydraulic caliper disc brakes on each wheel (4)
  • Tank brakes activated by tractor pedal brakesoil-vac-spreader
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